Equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives

We believe that every organisation has a role to play in creating a society where people from all backgrounds can flourish.  But most organisations can’t make the changes they need to on their own.  They need support to meet the legal requirements of the Equalities Act and to translate it into real benefits for their employees, their organisation and those they provide services to.

There is no single action that organisations can take to ‘tick the box’, instead true equality, diversity and inclusion needs to be embedded in culture and lived at every level of your organisation.  For this reason, all the work we do with organisations is built around the needs of each client and is bespoke to their organisation.

Examples of how we can help include:

  • Equality action plan development to ensure you have a plan that meets your legal obligations, but is also practical, manageable and has real impact.
  • Training in equality, diversity and inclusion that is bespoke to the staff group and your organisation to maximise impact.
  • Training in leading on equality and diversity and managing diverse teams that helps your managers and leaders to work more effectively across difference and to foster effective team dynamics.
  • Cultural competency training that ensures fairness in your recruitment process and in how staff are managed and treat each other.
  • Equality analysis training (previously called Equality Impact Assessment) – that will enable staff to conduct effective assessments and take appropriate action to tackle any areas of unfairness or inequality.