Carnival Day Rave

Key details

Date: 16th August 2020

Cost: £10 per person

Location: NG8 5ER

Organised by: Cherelle Fulton

Contact number: (793) 663-6609


I’ll be hosting a Carnival Day Rave which is a ticketed event to limit the number of people. The event will be held outdoors limiting close proximity of attendees, face masks and hand sanitiser will also be available in line with government guidelines regarding covid-19.

This year has been very emotionally taxing and I wanted to create a little pocket of joy whilst raising money to support the continued growth of the black community. As the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor shook and angered so many of us to the core it has forced some to finally acknowledge the systemic racism here in Britain too but there is still so much more that needs to be done.

With that said I feel like the vibe of carnival always uplifts the spirits of its attendees and I know for sure it never fails to make me happy. After all our greatest resistance has always been in the ability to keep on living with purpose and in our joy for life.

All ticket money (as stated on the flyer) will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. This is my first attempt at a fundraiser but as I scrolled through my social media and watched the unraveling of the numerous racial injustices, that have been happening for centuries and arr still so prevelant today I didn’t just want to repost things I wanted to help my people.

The next generation deserve and will have better through the work we as a community far and wide do today. Which is why the Schools and Further Education programme caught my eye.

This event is in support of the amazing work you are doing to transform the lives of young people. Through supporting them to build their confidence and pursue the careers of their dreams regardless of their financial background. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust is transforming lives and opening so many opportunities for generations. Which I think we should all be contributing too. I look forward to raising money in Stephen Lawrence’s name, it’s an honour which I take on with pride.

I would love to keep up to date with you following on from this event. Can I request that the money raised go towards the Schools and Further Education programme.

Are you also able to share what your next events are, or what areas you need funding for the most so that I can make my attendees aware.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Cherelle Fulton