Leadership and Talent Management

Developing leadership that is ‘fit for purpose’ is one of the most common workforce challenges facing all sectors.  And ensuring people from diverse backgrounds have a fair opportunity to reach their potential only adds to the complexity.

We work with organisations to help them recruit, nurture and retain the leaders of the future.  Our leadership and talent management programmes enable people to perform at their best and reach their full potential.

Our programmes can be targeted to employees from diverse backgrounds or run as a programme that is open to all.  Whichever you choose, we will work with you to develop the approach that best meets the needs of your organisation.

We can help you with:

  • Leadership Development Programmes – All our leadership programmes focus on developing and empowering future leaders and creating a community of support for learners. We help people to build the key skills leaders need whilst addressing the particular challenges that many people from diverse backgrounds face in reaching leadership positions.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Coaching and mentoring programmes help organisations to develop and retain talented people, improving their performance and contributing to their organisation’s success. We work with organisations to provide coaching and establish mentoring programmes that unlock people’s potential and enhance their performance.
  • Assessment and Development Centres – Our assessment and development centres are tailored to each organisation we work with. Our assessments are carefully designed to reflect your operating context and the skills your staff need.  Based on detailed observation, each individual and the organisation receive a comprehensive independent assessment of their performance based on what they actually do, not what they say they do, their experience or qualifications.  This creates a shared understanding of each participant’s strengths, and their development needs.  It also gives you a wider understanding of any trends in performance in the staff group as a whole, to support the design of future training and development programmes.
  • A Framework for Diverse Leadership – as people from diverse backgrounds break through barriers, it becomes more important for organisations to understand whether they are being constrained by existing leadership frameworks or being given the full chance to effect change as leaders. We will work with you to create the environment where leaders from diverse backgrounds can perform at their best for your organisation.