Trust and Architects’ Journal launch new diversity survey

The Architects’ Journal, in partnership with the Trust, has launched a new survey to gather up-to-date evidence on race diversity within architecture.  Following on from the first such survey two years ago, which found many architects from diverse backgrounds reporting challenges not faced by other colleagues, the new survey aims to see whether attitudes have shifted over the last two years.

Trust Chief Executive, Sonia Watson, said ‘People from BAME backgrounds make up less than 7 per cent of registered architects. In reality the number of practising architects is half that percentage, while the population is 13 per cent BAME. There are two main things wrong with this.  Firstly, architecture has a social responsibility and an ever more evident business imperative, as do all industries, to ensure artificial barriers to equal opportunities to enter the profession are tackled in order to ensure spaces and places designed for diverse communities are informed by the communities they serve.  Secondly, the profession is missing a trick by not being as diverse as it ought to be. Diversity in ethnicity means diversity of experience and true representation of inclusive thoughts and ideas.’

Click here to find out more about the survey and take part.