Staff recruitment and development

Despite good intentions, many organisations struggle to recruit and retain staff from diverse backgrounds and find that the staff they do recruit do not progress as far in their careers.

We help organisations to attract and appoint candidates from diverse backgrounds and we deliver training and development that supports all employees at every level to flourish.

Examples of how we can support recruitment include:

Getting the framework right – ensuring that job descriptions and person specifications use language and criteria that do not unnecessarily exclude people from diverse backgrounds.

Reaching prospective candidates from diverse backgrounds – using our expertise to reach prospective candidates as well as promoting the job through our existing networks

Recruitment training making sure everyone involved in the recruitment process is trained in best practice and is able to address equality, diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process.

Using assessment tools – We are able to use a range of tools, including Mental Toughness MTQ 48 and MBTI, to assess candidates.

Supporting prospective candidates – People from diverse backgrounds are often put off from applying because they believe that a job or industry is ‘not for people like me’, or because the recruitment process disadvantages them. We have found that introducing a ‘support’ stage to the recruitment process can increase diversity in the pool of candidates.

Support we can offer to prospective candidates includes:

  • initial engagement to address any queries and concerns;
  • ‘get ready’ support for the recruitment process, e.g. interview technique;
  • 1-2-1 pre-assessment to identify suitability and ‘fit’

100-day development – candidates often struggle in the early stages of the job. We provide 100-day development support, where new employees have the opportunity to review their experience and identify development needs.

We provide a wide range of training and development that helps to increase employee satisfaction and engagement and improve performance whilst helping organisations to retain their staff.

Our programmes can be targeted to employees from diverse backgrounds or run as a programme that is open to all.  Whichever you choose, we will work with you to develop the approach that best meets the needs of your organisation.