Guidelines for using our logo

We are happy for people to use our logo when they are fundraising for us, but we do ask you stay within our guidelines.  This is because our logo is part of our reputation and the good will that comes with it, and any misuse could potentially damage support for us and impact the legacy of Stephen Lawrence.

  • Our logo should only be used when you are fundraising for us, and not to support fundraising for other causes, organisations or commercial use.
  • Do not modify or alter the logo. This means you should not, for example, change the scale, skew or rotate the logo or change or vary the colours.
  • You should not use the logo in any way which is misleading or which misrepresents your relationship with the Trust, for example by implying that the Trust supports, is a client of or is affiliated to your organisation.
  • You must not use our logo to support any activity or in any way that violates any law or regulations or in any way that violates the trademarks, copyright or intellectual property rights of others.
  • It may be that we ask to see samples of any materials that use our logo, and you must make any changes to your use of the logo that we request.

Thank you for following our guidelines, and good luck with your fundraising!