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We believe that when communities make decisions about their shared priorities, and when they work together to achieve them, we not only create better places for people to live and work, but a fairer and more equal society.

We run community programmes that empower community groups and the people who lead them to share what’s important to them, influence how decisions are made, and make positive changes to improve things for local people.

At the core of all our programmes is a commitment to social action and capacity building. We support people and groups to solve the real-life problems that are important in their communities. We also help them to develop their infrastructure and ways of working that maximise their impact. And we help them to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to drive positive change.

We recognise that the way society and structures are organised means some people, groups and communities can end up being excluded. Our programmes focus on ensuring that the individuals and groups at risk of being marginalised, are empowered to play their part as active citizens.

Through our community programmes we also build relationships between the community and the organisations that operate in it, strengthening the bonds that create positive places to live and work.

Through our mix of programmes, we:

· Create a pipeline of community leaders by inspiring young people about the impact they can have and by giving them the skills and confidence to become the community leaders of the future.

· Support community groups to sustain and maximise their impact individually and as a group, by helping them to develop their skills and infrastructure and by providing a forum for tackling shared challenges.

· Upskill community leaders to address the specific challenges associated with leading community groups that support under-represented or marginalised groups.

Practical ways to support communities

Summary of programmes